Estética dental

Dental Aesthetics

It is the part of dentistry that is responsible for studying and correcting the aesthetics of the teeth and gums to improve the smile.

A harmonious and healthy smile improves mood and self-esteem, providing us with greater security when facing day-to-day problems.

A correct dental aesthetic treatment often requires the collaboration of different professionals since it includes solutions that range from teeth whitening to the placement of orthodontic appliances, porcelain or composite veneers, gingival reconstructions, metal-free fixed prostheses ... for be able to solve problems such as diastemas (spaced teeth), dental malposition, dental overlaps, yellow teeth, accumulations of tartar, shape defects, etc ... and obtain an optimal smile in relation to the shape and symmetry of your face.

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Teeth whitening

Aging, regular consumption of certain foods and drinks, tobacco, plaque and tartar build-up, etc. they are factors that tend to "yellow" the teeth and favor the formation of unsightly stains.

If you want to improve the color of your teeth, professional teeth whitening is one of the most suitable aesthetic treatments.

After the treatment carried out, we recommend continuing with the use of mouthwashes and specific whitening toothpastes so that the results obtained are more durable.

Dental veneers

Ceramic or composite dental veneers are, on the other hand, the most suitable aesthetic solution if you want or if you need to change the shape of your teeth..

They are very thin ceramic or composite sheets that adhere to tooth enamel with special techniques.

They are extremely customizable depending on the aesthetic result that we want to obtain: correction of the shape, alignment, mask color defects, excessive spaces between the teeth, etc

They can also be placed on a single tooth, correcting discoloration or improving its shape.

They have a long life; they are bonded to the teeth with specific composite cements and are an integral part of the tooth.

With ceramic veneers we can design a better smile from the analysis of the symmetry of the face (smile design).

Due to these undeniable advantages, ceramic or composite veneers are among the most effective aesthetic treatments to give your smile a natural, healthy and pleasant appearance.

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