Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry

It is the part of dentistry that allows us to heal cavities in all its phases, from the least to the greatest destruction of dental tissue.

With remineralization and dental infiltration therapies we manage, through a natural process, to repair caries lesions. The use of specialized materials and equipment is necessary to allow the most conservative treatment possible, since all healthy tissues must be preserved so as not to weaken the tooth

When teeth are damaged to a degree that exceeds the enamel and dentin, affecting the nerve, endodontics is the technique that allows us to preserve them.

The progress of all these treatment techniques allows us to save a large number of teeth that would otherwise be irretrievably lost, making it one of the basic pillars of dental treatment.

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How does modern conservative dentistry work?

Modern conservative dentistry is based on the concept of minimal invasiveness, and consists of removing only the carious tissue and replacing it with a restorative material, directly related to healthy tissue.

Treating cavities from the point of view of biology, which is based on the cycles of remineralization and demineralization and that depend to a great extent on the pH of the oral environment, saliva playing a fundamental role.

The biological treatment of caries consists of maintaining a balance between the remineralization and demineralization processes of the teeth. Lack of hygiene, a diet rich in sugars and acids and gastroesophageal reflux produce demineralization and a sufficient amount of saliva, its good buffering capacity and correct dental hygiene produce remineralization. Saliva balance is affected by multiple factors such as stress, smoking, salivary gland diseases, most general illnesses, chronic kidney failure, alcohol, toxicology, menopause, and the use of certain drugs.

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